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rules of conduct

(includes guidelines for parents/guardians)

  • Minimum age required is 6 yr; students between 3-6 may be allowed, provided that a 'registered' parent/guardian is present to assist the child during water/restroom break.

  • All non participants, including parents/guardians and younger family members, are welcome to observe the class, provided silence is maintained so that the students are not disturbed during their training. All such non-participants MUST NOT enter the training space ('the dojo floor') during the class & observe from adjacent rooms only. Entrance into the training room may be permitted briefly during break time & only with permission from the instructor.

  • Students should arrive at least 5 minutes before the session starts and greet their Instructor/s and seniors. Attendance sheets must be signed prior to each class & sign-out after the end of the class.

  • Dues are to be paid in full prior to starting your 1st class. A waiver form is required to be signed prior to 1st class.

  • All students must show respect by bowing whenever entering or leaving the Dojo.

  • All students must maintain proper personal hygiene. Finger & Toe-nails must always be kept short and trimmed.

  • All students must wear a clean white Dogi (Karate uniform). Beginners without a Dogi should wear loose fitting trousers (track suit bottoms) and a t-shirt. Jewelry is not permitted.

  • If you are late for your lesson, sit in 'seiza' at the side of the hall, until called onto the class floor by an instructor.

  • During the lesson do not talk. Please make sure that all mobile phones are turned off.

  • Where applicable during breaks in the lesson, students are encouraged to drink water, however these should not be fizzy drinks, and do not walk around with drinks in your hand.

  • Food is not allowed in the hall.

  • Parents/Guardians dropping off and picking up children should not leave until their children have entered the Dojo in presence of an Instructor, and should arrive back at the Dojo at least ten minutes before the lesson ends to pick their wards up. Please be considerate of the Instructor's time and commitments.

  • Children should not leave the Dojo at any time without permission of one of the instructors, and should not leave at the end of the lesson unless a parent or guardian is there to pick them up.

  • Certain behavior standards are expected outside as well as inside the Dojo. Any complaints from members of the public or from schools about students will be investigated by the Dojo Board. If bullying or using Karate skills for the wrong means is the cause, the student could be expelled and all grades nullified.

5 Dojo Kun (Codes)

  1. One! Seek perfection of character!

  2. One! Be honest and faithful!

  3. One! Endeavor to Excel!

  4. One! Respect others!

  5. One! Refrain from violent behavior!